VO 1.8.296, Capture the Flag event.

VO 1.8.296 includes:- Added a new Condensed UI Panning feature to the Android version to be able to switch between station menus without the need for the Menu button. Quickly swipe your finger across the screen while in-station to switch between the different menus.- Added a new touch-hover feature to buttons around the edge of the screen for Android devices. Touch-drag your finger over tabs and buttons around the edge of the screen to show a large version of what button is under your finger. When you release your finger, that tab or button will be selected.- A 'Please wait...' msg now appears when showing the mission list for the first time to show that it may take a few seconnds to update the list.- Fixed a problem with allowing players to In-App Purchase an item even though they can't equip or use it.- The mission info dialog now includes the name and short description.- Fixed a reference to Amazon GameCircle when using Google+ for achievements.- Fixed issues with long-pressing the nav menu to add multiple navpoints.We feel these UI changes are of major benefit to any touchscreen device, especially smaller devices like phones. We have some more announcements upcoming in relation to this, stay tuned.Also, stop by for the CTF event on Saturday!