Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.
Exothelogian Dr Alfred Ulyanov has commented on the abandoned Far God outposts recently discovered in the Etain system. In a statement, Dr Ulyanov said that information recovered from the sites would be invaluable to the book he is writing with Gethin Okonkwo about the Far God religion.
Aegis has announced a breakthrough that has effectively neutralised the disruptive effects of Thargoid Sensors on starports. New procedures in the application of meta-alloys mean that extremely small quantities are now sufficient to shield systems from disruption, resulting in a cure for what was once called ‘the technological plague’.
Meanwhile, several Imperial senators have spoken in support of isolationist group Nova Imperium. Senator Pal Vespasian said that Imperator Mordanticus would be invited to address the Senate and detail his policies, and gave his backing to Nova Imperium’s proposal to install a new Emperor.
Aegis has stationed a security force in the Meene system to protect the engineer Ram Tah. Professor Alba Tesreau said the force would provide continual support while allowing Ram Tah’s operation to remain independent. There has been no response from the Sirius Corporation, which recently arrested a cabal of officers from its private fleet for launching an incursion into Meene.
The conflict between two rival factions in the Loha system has now come to an end. Freelance correspondent Karleen Troy reported that it had been a harrowing week for the people of Loha, but said that overall control of the system had finally been established.
Finally, the Achilles Corporation has announced plans to replace all robots destroyed as a result of the recent spy robot scandal. The organisation has placed an open order for quantities of robotics, computer components and microcontrollers, which will be used to produce brand new PA912 administration robots.
And those are the main stories this week.