Pirates vs Thargoids?

A new independent report suggests that piracy has declined across occupied space since the return of the Thargoids.
Dr Jin Rameer, who runs a socio-political think tank, made the following observations in her report:
“Statistics show a significant reduction in piracy and criminal behaviour since the Thargoid presence was confirmed. But the reason has not come under scrutiny until now.”
“Has the presence of an alien threat dampened felons’ appetite for preying on fellow humans? It’s widely understood that communities become stronger when faced with a common enemy, so perhaps one positive consequence of the Thargoids’ return is the dissolution of barriers between social groups.”
“Alternatively, those attracted to piracy may find a greater – and less morally troubling – thrill in turning their weapons on non-human targets. Whether or not their motives are altruistic, criminal elements may be transforming into defenders of the very societies they have previously terrorised.”
But a spokesperson for security forces in the Pegasi Sector responded:
“Dr Rameer needs to get out of her comfortable office and into the black. The Kumo Crew have raided dozens of systems in recent months, taking advantage of the fact that our forces are tied up with the Thargoids. Believe me, Archon Delaine sees the Thargoids as an opportunity, not a common enemy. The pirates don’t care if the galaxy burns, as long as their pockets are full.”