Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.
The following starports are currently closed:
Boe Orbital, Abast Samo
Corte-Real Terminal, 19 Phi-2 Ceti
Harvey Ring, Gl 606.1 B
Asire Arena, Dakondunii
Cayley Enterprise, Wolf 359
McDivitt Port, Wolf 1022
Solovyev Colony, Carcinus
Stabenow Reformatory, Peregrina
Talos 1, Peregrina
Talos 2, Peregrina
Weber Dock, Meene
Wye-Delta Station, Carcinus
Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:
Altshuller Port, Monoto
Antonelli Station, HR 1201
Beadle Port, Pyemma
Hansen Station, HIP 95256
Reed Dock, Monoto
Thomas’ Claim, Telin