April 2948 Subscriber Flair

April 2948 Subscriber Flair


When you’re bravely charting the way ahead, you must always be prepared for whatever unfathomable weirdness or improbable danger awaits you around the proverbial bend. With this special edition Gemini LH86 you won’t have to take any unnecessary chances. The official Voyager finish was originally released to commemorate the quatercentenary of the Imperial Cartography Center, and though it may look flashy, the trusty LH86 remains a rugged, dependable sidearm. More than a match for whatever unknowable terrors lay in wait.

Imperator Subscribers

Imperator-level subscribers will receive the exclusive Pathfinder variant, along with the Voyager finish.

If you’re an active subscriber, these items will be added to your account on April 11th. More information about subscriptions can be found here!