Ram Tah Searching for New Guardian Sites

The engineer Ram Tah, a leading expert on the mysterious Guardians, has requested help in locating undiscovered sites from the ancient alien race. He has issued the following statement:
“The artefacts recently delivered to me have been subjected to intense molecular analysis. As a result, I have deduced the possibility of Guardian sites in three specific systems: Col 173 Sector QU-O d6-25, HD 63154 and Synuefe EU-Q c21-10.”
“I urge the galactic community to investigate these systems, where I believe we may find further traces of the Guardians’ ancient civilisation. I appreciate that this could be a wild goose chase, but data from such sites – if they exist – would be extremely valuable.”
Ram Tah has asked that any data be delivered to him at Phoenix Base in the Meene system.