Arms Race Release Has Been Successfully Deployed!

We're delighted to announce that the Arms Race Release has been successfully deployed!

This release brings a whole host of new options for Alpha pilots to EVE Online with the Expanded Alpha Skillset, and the Daily Alpha Injector.

In addition to this, the Arms Race event will kick off today, when new improvements to Pirate Forward Operating bases, a new Project Discovery Monument, and more visual renovations to New Eden are also released.

The Arms Race release will also contain additional iteration on Resource Wars, with the introduction of the support role, as well as some balance changes to rewards. Jump fuel and jump fatigue changes are also included in this release, as well as the deployment of the new empire selection process to all new characters.

You can find out more information about this release and all the features included in it by heading over to EVE Updates for a more in depth look at features and a link to the full patch notes.


We'd love to hear your feedback on the Arms Race Release. Take a look at the following threads on the official forums where you can share your thoughts and report any issues you've encountered: