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Revenant Down in Aunenen – Steel Daggers

Revenant Down in Aunenen

At roughly 12:35 on 12th of November, YC119, a Revenant super carrier was spotted warping to a safe spot from the Aunenen free port citadel. Soon after, the Revenant was scanned down and destroyed.

The Revenant is a rare vessel as it is a supercarrier never designed or built by any of the four major factions in New Eden. Capsuleers who set their sights on obtaining one would have to pit themselves against the True Sansha incursions that specifically target lowsec space and hope to pick up a blueprint copy dropped from a destroyed mothership. Because of this, the Revenant had become an extremely attractive ship often costing as much as a titan, with one recently being sold for 85-90 billion ISK. With the true number of those in existence remaining unknown, we believe that a total of only fourteen have ever been destroyed.

Noticing the Revenant’s movement from the station, Guillejejeje XDD used his Onyx to combat scan the Revenant as it was exiting warp. When he warped to the Revenant’s location he decloaked it and immediately tackled it. Attempts were made to ransom the Revenant as well as an offer of safe passage if the pilot ejected. In a defiant move, VANO DERR, the Revenant pilot initiated self destruct, showing he would not be ransomed. As soon as the cynosural field went up, several super carriers and carriers jumped to the beacon and applied their formidable damage to the stricken Revenant. The Revenant was using a travel fit and had not even been outfitted with heavy fighters.. there was no possibility of escape.

The attackers suffered no losses while the Revenant loss was valued at around 101 billion ISK. 

Revenant Killmail