Celebrate the “Crimson Harvest” event and enjoy incredible Headhunter SKINs

Join the Crimson Harvest and show your fierce determination with our new incredible Headhunter SKIN!

Displaying a white skull on top of a blood-red background, these amazing SKINS are now available in the New Eden Store only for a limited amount of time during the Crimson Harvest event from October 26th to November 9th.

The Headhunter SKIN is available in the New Eden Store for the following hulls:

  • Oracle – 250 PLEX
  • Abaddon – 390 PLEX
  • Avatar – 695 PLEX
  • Drake – 250 PLEX
  • Raven – 390 PLEX
  • Phoenix – 695 PLEX
  • Talos – 250 PLEX
  • Dominix – 390 PLEX
  • Nyx – 695 PLEX
  • Hurricane – 250 PLEX
  • Typhoon – 390 PLEX
  • Hel – 695 PLEX

Additionally to these SKINs, we also have special firework ready in the New Eden Store during this event:

  • 100 units of Crimson Scythes Firework – 5 PLEX

Do you want to know more about the Crimson Harvest event? Read on!

The Blood Raider Covenant Returns

Once again, the Blood Raider Covenant has appeared in force, prowling the spacelanes of New Eden in the hunt for easy prey during the Crimson Harvest. 

Here is a quick overview of the event:

  • Start date: 11:00 UTC / 04:00a PDT on 26 October 2017
  • End date: 11:00 UTC / 04:00a PDT on 9 November 2017
  • Potential rewards: Fantastic new SKINs and valuable loot!
  • Availability: They're everywhere!

Join the Crimson Harvest: 

  1. Make sure your Overview settings include the Blood Raiders! (Overview Settings -> Tab Presets -> Entities. Tick Blood Raider Event Frigate, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship)
  2. Warp to the event sites (they are visible in the overview as "Blood Raider Gauntlet" celestial beacon)