Galactic News: Thargoids Adapting Rapidly

Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’ chief military liaison, has released a statement confirming that the Thargoids have begun adapting to the weapons and tactics developed to combat them.
Admiral Tanner’s statement is reprinted in full below.
“Preliminary reports indicate that although the AX missiles were inflicting significant damage on the Thargoid ships’ ‘heart’ modules, they are now proving less effective. We believe this is due to the Thargoids developing a resistance to the compound carried by the missiles. I am optimistic, however, that the current Aegis initiative will produce weapons capable of overcoming this resistance.”
“Second, we have been informed that the Thargoids are now able to lock onto ships that have deployed countermeasures, although exactly how they are doing this is not yet understood.”
“Previously, Thargoid ships responded to strategic withdrawal by advancing towards the target, even when attacked with missiles. But recent reports indicate that they have started dodging such attacks, particularly when engaged at long range. Finally, the drones deployed by the Thargoid ships have become more accurate, which substantially increases the risk they present to smaller craft.”
“These developments illustrate that we are dealing with a highly intelligent enemy capable of rapidly adapting to our weapons and tactics, and underscore the importance of Aegis’ ongoing anti-Thargoid initiative.”